The Three Wise Monkeys


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“See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.”


The Three Wise Monkeys are the earthly representatives of this phrase, which is significant in many cultures.


In Buddhist tradition, the proverb is simply about not dwelling on evil thoughts.


But in the Western world, the meanings are even darker. Both the phrase itself and the image of the monkeys can signify a code of silence in gangs or organized crime syndicates.


More often they are used to refer to a wilful lack of moral responsibility, especially on the part of those who refuse to acknowledge wrongdoing. The people that look the other way, or feign ignorance.


You may, for instance, see the monkey emojis posted below an outrageous tweet or a deliberately provocative Instagram post. It’s when you know you’re being evil, but you do it anyway.


According to Japanese legend, the names of the monkeys are Mizaru, who covers his eyes, and therefore sees no evil; Mikazaru, who covers his ears, and therefore hears no evil; and Mazaru, who covers his mouth, and therefore speaks no evil. Although of course, you may know them by other names.


This unique depiction of The Three Wise Monkeys was created by Kent-based illustrator Arron Miles, and features all three zombified heads, stacked up in a pile, like some kind of fucked-up totem pole. Elements from The Quarter Masters logo appear on coins, along with a nice pink slosh of Arron’s trademark brains.


Every detail has been reproduced using the highest quality DTG print, which gives you insane levels of detail and eyeball-popping colours, whilst barely adding any additional weight or bulk. Hand-finished with a QM Cavalier silver neck label at our shop in Folkestone.


The garment itself is our 145gsm, 100% organic cotton, unisex fit tee. Responsibly produced. Peta Approved Vegan. Fabric tested and certified under OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Exceptional build quality. Feels fantastic to the touch. You literally won’t want to take it off.


Side seams for a slimmer fit. If you’ve previously ordered our pre-2020 non-organic tees, you’ll want to grab this in one size up. A good way to check your current chest size is, run a tape measure under your arms and all the way around, breath in, and pinch wherever the tape joins. Check against the size chart below. Round up to the nearest size for a fitted look, or add a couple more inches for a relaxed, extra comfy fit.


XS (30/32″) | S (34/36″) | M (38/40″) | L (42/44″) | XL (46/48″) | 2XL (50/52″) | 3XL (54/56″)


Model @boredbrand — 40″ chest / 5’10” wearing M


Photos by Phoebe @phoebesprostsons_photography


  • The Three Wise Monkeys — See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
  • Beautifully made, unisex fit, crew neck T-shirt
  • 145gsm, 100% Organic Cotton
  • Responsibly produced, tested and certified
  • Super-vivid-yet-barely-there DTG print
  • Hand-finished at our shop in Folkestone, Kent
  • Original artwork by Arron Miles / @arronmilesart