EU Teardrop


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  • Unisex fit crew neck T-shirt
  • 150gsm, 100% combed ringspun cotton (pre-shrunk)
  • Super robust, high-quality garment vinyl — never cracks or peels
  • Featuring EU Tears graphic print on the front center-chest
  • 11 yellow stars and 1 grey teardrop on mid-blue fabric
  • A derivative work based on the EU flag (permission granted for use)
  • Hand-printed at our shop in Folkestone, Kent
  • Other sizes (bigger/smaller) available on request

Dearest 48%. This T-shirt has been a best seller in our shop since the first referendum on the EU in June 2016. We’ve sent them out all over the UK and into Europe. They’ve been seen on demos and marches.

Like most of our customers, and virtually everyone we’ve spoken to since that referendum, we think being part of the EU is a good thing. An agitated and ill-informed public cast its vote based on lies and propaganda. And it seems certain that Brexit —if it actually happens— will make a spectacular mess of things.

These shirts are printed at our shop in Folkestone, Kent, where we can literally see France from our doorstep.  The business owner is engaged to an EU-mainlander. And a big chunk of our customers are from the continent.

If you’re seeing this product for the first time, it’s because we’re trying some things out at the moment (Facebook ads etc), to get its message out to a wider audience. Brexit is still not a done deal, but with Boris Johnson as PM, it is an incredibly crucial time. We hope this helps generate more conversations. And we ship worldwide!

Serving suggestion: wear it to show your solidarity, both at home and abroad.