Collapsable Tote Bag - Jungle Camo


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  • Super convenient collapsable tote bag
  • Jungle camo with black 64cm handles
  • Ultralight (98g), water resistant fabric
  • Store inside inner zip pocket / stow pouch
  • 30cm x 26cm, 12 litre capacity
  • Collapses down to 20cm x 15cm (with hanging loop)
  • THE QUARTER MASTERS classic logo on the bag
  • Re-use/recycle symbol on the pouch

This super convenient collapsable tote bag is ideal for everyday use, shopping trips, and supply runs.

Whip it out at the self-checkout, and never again will you need to ask the attendant for one of their corporate whore-bags.

Fits inside most pockets, and takes two seconds to shake out of its inner zip pocket / stow pouch.

Big enough to carry a pair of trainers and change of clothes. Great for stashing your gym stuff.

We transport outgoing orders to the Post Office in them; you can get about 12 shirts in a single bag.

Extremely robust material. Machine washable and water resistant. Truly a bag for life!